THE UNDERGROUND FRACTION is a counter force against the establishment, the putrid filth conspiracy, an attack on mainstream culture numbing regimentation. With balaclavas and thick gloves. A perfect ideological campaign requires action, an action requires a tool: TUF.

No oppression has abolished itself, it is always a struggle against the existing order. TUF’s target is supporting the freeing from mainstream culture’s steel jaws with coordinated massive resistance from the underground. Really fast.

TUF belongs to the restless souls, those who want to have a change now! For a recent and ongoing holocaust with hardcore as the cutter. We want to change the rules, not by throwing the dices, but through purposeful, disciplined hard work to dismantle piece by piece, block by block, this ruthless exploitation of the free mind: break the shackles now!

Terrorists said to attack the civilized world, and to hurt the order while TUF’s attacks inexorably continue until the world is civilized in the truest sense. Mainstream culture must be destroyed and cease pumping out nonsense, wasted sounds. TUF is a resort in a fully locked and static situation with hardcore as the weapon. Extreme times call for extreme measures: The Underground Fraction – direct action.

Mainstream is an odious institution that serves only to suppress people’s personality. TUF’s ambition and only goal is to undermine the same with underground libertarian fractions; groups working in the dark with the catchword and slogan: hardcore for hardcore.

We have experienced black nights of despair, powerlessness and restlessness and TUF is born of the desperate fight against the order of things; against today’s society. The first, but not the last, members of TUF are individuals who have been active in the scene for many years, contributed with releases, fanzines, websites, graphic designs and arranged gigs for the past 20 years. The motive with TUF is to spread uncompromising hardcore.

There are currently several autonomous connected to the resistance movement. We all strive for the liberation of the captivation that paralyzes our minds in the name of media. TUF is the antithesis of popular culture: the corrupt system, a surrogate for real social satisfaction.

Today’s media sphere can rule, they can manipulate, they can distort the dishonest way – all for profit and hypnotize and disparage people, seeking souls, to catch in their ugly nets. TUF is about hardcore for hardcore: the uncensored and honest music, the anger, the energy in its purest form. Never trust a liar; mass media and popular culture in 2013.

Today’s media, music in particular, is often presented as a law of nature, something given and obvious: the choice of music is not questioned, it is accepted as true. Effective and mercilessly mass media is robbing the citizen’s democratic power. But(!) society do not need to be in the hands of an entirely speculative logic that only takes into account the interests of business. Profit and hardcore never go hand in hand and it becomes possible to choose other paths: TUF. The challenge of social disarmament along with the feeling of helplessness and action paralysis must be met by a strong and purposeful citizen commitment: we need change now!

It’s time to take back control over our music.

No Pasaran!


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