Out now: Give Today – Everything That’s Left LP!

It’s finally here! Give Today “Everything That’s Left” LP is out today! If you share our love for Umeå Hardcore circa 1994 then you should dig this too. This is the best Swedish hardcore record this year, no doubt about it.

Give Today is the young blood from Gävle that brings back that 90’s vibe on the map in the Swedish hardcore scene. They sounds just like the bands we grew up listening to back in the 90’s so we are really happy to release “Everything That’s Left” together with Monument Records and Svensk Hardcore Kultur.
For fans of: Abhinanda, Shield, Strife and One King Down.

“Young blood from Sweden. The 90`s! Think about this: New Age Records going for a date with Desperate Fight Records. Nine months later we have Give Today. This young lads know what`s best in hardcore. FFO: old Abhinanda, Shield, Temperance, Outspoken…”
/ Mark My Words Records

TUF010: GIVE TODAY – Everything That’s Left LP

Side A

1. Descent Of Trust
2. Torn Apart
3. Eternal
4. Falling
5. Reveries Of Spring

Side B

6. Left Behind
7. Forever Unwritten
8. Eight
9. A Dying Light
10. Only Time Will Tell The Aftermath

Black 12″ vinyl
200 copies
Release date: November 30, 2018


Don’t miss the “Everything That’s Left” release show in Stockholm next Friday! They are also playing in Gothenburg the day after.

Facebook | Bandcamp


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