New song from the upcoming Håll Det Äkta LP!

We guess no one have missed that we are releasing the last testament Soul Cracks the Gold by Umeå Hardcore heroes Håll Det Äkta later this spring? Well, we are probably as excited as you are about it. We thought it was time to release another song from the album to get everyone even more excited. Here you are, Face/off (w. Gabi Ujueta)!!

TUF008: HÅLL DET ÄKTA – Soul cracks the gold LP

Side A:

1. SD punks fuck off
2. Push (w. Andrea Cengic)
3. The eagle rises high (w. Steph Schwartz)
4. Tears of a robot
5. Melt

Side B:

6. 2 da limit
7. P.P.P.P.P.P.P.
8. Body and mind
9. Altar
10. Face/off (w. Gabi Ujueta)

Clear 12″ vinyl w/ blood splatter
Gatefold cover w/ poster included
500 copies
Release date: TBA soon




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