Pre-order: Guidance – Path of Grace LP!

“Reality is an enemy you’re terrified to face.”
by daydreamtendencies.

I want to talk shortly about this record because I feel it needs to be heard, experienced fully. Guidance aren’t a band anymore, but when they were, they put out a very promising record entitled Age of Vice. Last year heralded the arrival of an LP ‘Path of Grace’ though it’s release never really came to fruition. Now, after months of waiting, Path of Grace has seen the light of day, as it was always intended to.

The London Straight Edge band features members of such influential groups as Abolition, Repentance, Mankind and Violent Reaction as well as new project, Digress. Effectively, it’s a big homage to 90’s hardcore with similarities to bands like Motive, Vitality and Congress. Path of Grace begins relentlessly, demonstrating hammering drums and driving guitars that pave the way for Flagman-esque track ‘She’.
I dig the combination of harsh vocals and the spiritual feel these tracks contain. At times, it emanates power and aggression such as on ‘Turning Tides’ and ‘Nataraj’ yet there is also a desperation, encompassed in songs such as ‘My Body, My Cage’: “My body, has become my cage, that I reject.”

‘False Prophet’ is a personal favourite, pushing against the ideology of organised and extremist religion: “Feed off the weak, tread on the meek. And you desecrate my temple, my sanctuary.” The ideas discussed and raised through this music are what make me really love this record. It has moments of haunting beauty and those of fury. This is translated and conveyed through the music, and through the lyrical content. It’s a bold step in the right direction for hardcore music, despite Guidance no longer existing and Path of Grace is undeniably an important record, harking to the golden days of hardcore music and existing in a welcome resurgence.

Article from:

TUF005: GUIDANCE – Path of grace LP
We at THE UNDERGROUND FRACTION instantly fell in love when we heard the tunes on “Path of Grace” for the first time. The London Straight Edge band GUIDANCE sounds just like the bands we grew up listening to back in the mid 90’s. This is too good to be ignored. This is too real to only be released digitally. We really feel the urge to release this album physically even though the band have already split up. This release symbolises our true passion for Hardcore and the Straight Edge movement. Hardcore for hardcore.

GUIDANCE was: Charlie, Marco, Ben and Oli.
Members of: XrepentanceX, Violent Reaction, Abolition, Mankind and Digress.
For fans of: Outspoken, Turning Point, 108, Undertow, Abhinanda and Shield!

Side A:

1. Path of grace
2. She
3. Turning tides
4. Soul force
5. Last breath

Side B:

6. My body, my cage
7. Stand against
8. False prophet
9. Nataraj
10. Divinity

Black vinyl
250 copies (only 30 copies available in Sweden!)
Release date: May 2015
Recorded by John Hannon at No Recording Studio.


Press play to stream two songs from the album:


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