IRON live in Bologna!

Message from IRON:
Here is a low quality video of the show in Bologna/Italy that we did in october. We had so much fun, and I guess we played every song we knew, trying our best not to end the night.
Some times as a band, you feel a weird energy in the room, making the moment freeze time, and there is nothing that could keep you down, or stop you from giving everything you have, how sore the body might be, or how low your head is..

Its the compassion, the anger, the fun and the hopelessness that summons up punks together in a room. And that energy is what made someone that night break his fist against the wall, from pure excitement. It caused stage dives, singalongs, blood, sweat and I believe some meat eaters gave up their old bad habits as well.

Those nights also wires us up so much on stage, and we can’t help to play the songs too damn fast, haha!
This were one of the greatest shows of my life, and I’m forever thankful, just as the other guys in the band. Bologna Crew, we love you!
Be safe during the holidays, rest, and get back at the world.
Much love, Carl and Iron.


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