Pre-order: Iron – Desperate Fight LP!

The sex positive, queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalist hardcore band from Malmö strikes back! We are really stoked on this project. There’s no secret that we loved IRON‘s first release, the much talked-about “Sex positive hardcore” EP that came out last year. When we heard about a new record being recorded we instantly contacted IRON and asked if we could join the ride. This release will knock everyone down. Just the album title “Desperate Fight” means the world to us (Umeå vibes? Anyone?).

For fans of: Final Exit, D.S.-13 and Vitamin X!

IRON “Desperate fight” is brought to you by the solid cooperation between Monument, The Underground Fraction, Assault, Mosh Potatoes and Judas Cradle.

Support ALL OF US, support hardcore!

TUF004: IRON – Desperate Fight LP

Side A:

1. Get out!
2. Break new ground
3. The beauty of science
4. Never again
5. NMA

Side B:

6. Songs of war
7. Förevigt och alltid
8. Apparent horizon
9. No return
10. New aryans (Reagan Youth cover)

Black vinyl
1000 copies
Release date: May 24, 2014


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