Pre-order: On The Edge Of Forever – Always on the losing side LP

If heavy and fast hardcore with raw melodies is your piece of cake you should be just as excited as we are about the Örebro based hardcore band ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER. If you listen to bands like TRAPPED UNDER ICE, DEAD SWANS, GIVE UP THE GHOST and MODERN LIFE IS WAR this should be your cup of tea. If you dig DIY, well, then this is a killer.

“We have been a band since we were kids, and for the past year things has started to get more serious for us. During the years we have played a lot of shows all over Sweden and in 2012 we finally got to play some shows abroad. Through all of these years we have also learned that the only thing that works if you want to get something done is to do it yourself, instead of waiting for it to happen. We try to network, we put up shows, we record and release our own records. And most important, we try to help others who is doing the same thing. Through these times we shared growing up together and playing music we have shared a lot of experiences together. In 2013 we started building our own studio to record our debut album”.

We know OTEOF have put a lot of hard work into recording the “Always on the losing side” LP and we are really happy that we are one of the lucky labels (together with the almighty Monument Records) to represent this masterpiece.

This is our third attack on mainstream culture, a killer record from start to finish that breathes hardcore and is a true piece of art in the DIY culture. Support hardcore, support DIY, support our talented friends in ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER!

TUF003: ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER – Always on the losing side LP

Side A:

1. Preface
2. Hopeless case
3. Haze
4. Transparent
5. Crossed out

Side B:

6. Burial
7. Spitting hate
8. Coffee eyes
9. Feats
10. Always on the losing side

Clear light blue vinyl
300 copies
Release date: May 5, 2014


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