Håll Det Äkta – Sabotage LP out now!


The Umeå hardcore heroes HÅLL DET ÄKTA returns with a new killer record. It’s not an easy task to follow up the success of the “090” LP released by THE UNDERGROUND FRACTION last year, but the band proves that they are a force to be reckoned with. Everything you have come to love about Håll Det Äkta is here but this time there is a twist.

You will see that the “Sabotage” LP is full of surprises. They still know their hardcore roots but are not afraid to challenge the listener with new beats. The use of violins, samplings and very special guest appearances takes their hardcore sound into new dimensions. “Sabotage” is a powerful and brave record by one of the most interesting bands in the scene. Just listen to the song “Silvedmedalj” featuring CLEO and you will get a clue of what we are trying to say.

There’s no argue that Håll Det Äkta are one of the hottest bands in the Swedish hardcore scene right now, along with bands like HÅRDA TIDER and ANCHOR. With current and former members of LESRA, KIDNAPPED and FOREVER YOUNG they are no newcomers to the scene. They are well known for their intense and explosive live sets. Håll Det Äkta will tear every place they play apart, for sure. Whatever you do, do not miss them on tour in 2014.

This is our second attack on mainstream culture and it will blow you away. It’s a promise.

TUF002: HÅLL DET ÄKTA – Sabotage LP

Side A:

1. Sabotage
2. Silvermedalj
3. Längst fram

Side B:

4. Äkta ser äkta
5. Har du
6. Billestieapmi

Clear red vinyl
300 copies
Release date: March 24, 2014


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