Check out the new song by Håll Det Äkta!

There’s no secret that we soon will release the highly anticipated SABOTAGE LP by HÅLL DET ÄKTA. You have probably seen the video for “Silvermedalj” already? You have most likely seen the awesome cover artwork made by frontman Marc Strömberg?

It’s time to reveal some more details. Here’s tracklist, vinyl pressing…

TUF002: HÅLL DET ÄKTA – Sabotage LP

Side A:

1. Sabotage
2. Silvermedalj
3. Längst fram

Side B:

4. Äkta ser äkta
5. Har du
6. Billestieapmi

Clear red vinyl
300 copies
Release date: TBA

…and even better, we give you one new song! Click play below or visit our bandcamp site to stream the new song “Längst fram” feat Andrea Čengić (Lose The Life).

Check out our bandcamp site!


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