Håll Det Äkta by Lukinzine

The Umeå people in HÅLL DET ÄKTA are spitting out yet another EP, which they entitled “De Få & De Stolta”. But where the demo debut sometimes found it hard to live up to the terms they now have dirt under their nails and with the New York sound properly done managed to get something that you really can’t ignore. The EP ends with a Masshysteri cover, in other words only the icing on the cake when it comes to this release.

That you will get examined even harder with Swedish lyrics is nothing new, and that with a name like Håll Det Äkta [Keeping It Real] go on a double dose of the magnifying glass is not so strange. With that said, it may be added that the band has nothing to fear, because this is heavy and smells like a musty alleyway at the wrong time of day. If Janne Josefsson had reviewed it here it is very likely that he had come to the conclusion that HÅLL DET ÄKTA is indeed genuine in its true and only sense. The idea was originally that the EP would be released by the new Label, World Vs. Cometh, but when those plans were dashed they released everything for free by the DIY collective Random Bastards instead, and it works just as good. I gets best in the songs ”Bränn Boken” and in the MASSHYSTERI cover “Dom kan inte höra musiken”. The band also offers the EP for free here, so you have no reason not to try.

Rating: 7/10

Ramon, Lukinzine, November 2010

(Translation by TUF)


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